Gather Actionable Feedback Using NPS

Use our powerful and free Net Promoter Score software to measure your customer happiness in real-time.

Survey Channels

Choose a survey channel that’s best suited for your customers.

Email NPS Survey

Craft and send email based NPS surveys in an instant. Let your users respond to your survey on the go. Get access to ready-to-use templates and customization features.

In-App NPS Survey

Send rich, relevant, and targeted in-app NPS surveys. Let your users answer your survey from right within your product dashboard. Simplify survey responses.


Enhance your product experience through personalization

Thank You Page Personalisation

Make each response count. Send personalized responses via the thank you page

Reporting, Feedback and Advance Filtering

Close the Loop

Do more with your NPS data.
Close the loop and seek faster reviews, testimonials and referrals without opting for a second tool.

Understand and do more with your user feedback