Collect Actionable Feedback and Boost Customer Satisfaction with NPS

Monitor customer health and inspire loyalty with GrowthScore's
all-in-one powerful Net Promoter Score software.

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Simple, yet powerful NPS solution designed to measure and boost customer happiness.

Customize On-Brand NPS Surveys

Send customized NPS surveys that mirror your brand identity. Collect invaluable feedback on a daily basis.
Survey your customers via in-app, web or email channels.

Insightful Analytics

Analyze real-time reports, monitor trends, identify happy customers and at-risk accounts. Utilize live insights and track NPS responses by channels, country, etc.

Close The Loop

Tag, prioritize product issues, assign to your team and follow-up to resolve the issue. Enrich customer experience, turn detractors into promoters and thank your brand advocates.

Promote Customer Advocacy

Create automated workflows to request your satisfied customers to leave you a review on top review platforms, or ask them to join a referral program.

High-growth Companies Share their NPS Secrets

Gather insights from the industry experts as they reveal how high-voltage companies use Net Promoter Score to drive exponential growth.


GrowthScore directly connects with your existing tools to help you drive more reviews and referrals.

End-to-End Solution to Improve Customer Retention and Prevent Churn.

The right partner for your product, marketing, and customer success teams. Save hundreds of hours and witness quantifiable results.

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